Floating sharpens concentration


Many first-time floaters remark on how aware they become of the endless chatter in their mind. With so many external stimuli to deal with most people don’t realize how much internal stimulation their mind provides. Floating removes the external stimuli brings your mental chatter into focus.

There is nothing for you to do while floating, no activity or other external stimuli to focus on. It’s you and your mind, nothing else. Some people lose themselves in the stream of thoughts while floating, but with experience and practice, you learn to watch the activity of mind and finally gain control of it.

We often recommend people use meditation techniques like paying attention to the breath to help them focus on something other than the mental chatter. These focusing techniques are basic to meditation practice, and they lead to improved mental focus.

As you spend more time floating, you improve in your ability to direct the mind. You will find this enhanced ability to focus your concentration will stay with you when you’re not floating, and it will improve every mental activity you engage in.

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