We are nothing without God.


“We are nothing without God” is a widely used statement in most Christian circles, and I found myself pondering on this. Why do we say that we are nothing without God? From what specific sensation do we make use of this statement? Is it out attempt to display humility? What makes this statement true? 

The first step in unraveling the veracity of this statement is to look at the words succinctly. From what specific sensation do Christians, or do I use the word “God” in the statement. 

If I say that I am nothing without this or that; what is this or that upon which my existence is anchored? What is that thing that if it fails to exist, then I fail to exist? In other words, I make use of the word God here in the same manner as a proverb which says that; “however far a stream flows, it never forgets its source.” Hence, God in the eyes of the stream is its source, for it ceases to exist without its source.

With that said, if I say that I am nothing without God, I imply in other words that I am like a river that can only flow for as long as I am connected to the source, and the source is God.

In addition to this, from what specific sensation do I use the word; “I” or “we” in the statement? What do I mean by “I” am nothing without God? The I would mean my soul, or my ego, or the person that I think that I am— the illusion I have created for myself.

In other words, I imply from the statement that this ego is merely anchored to a source. This ego doesn’t find existence in and of itself. This ego experiences life out of the willingness of the source, and that source is God. Hence, this ego is humbled in the knowledge that it fails to find existence without its source.

In conclusion, failure to say that I am nothing without God does not change the fact that “I” or this ego lives only out of the fullness of the source that births all things in the universe. Similarly, making this statement doesn’t strengthen this truth. Moreover, it’s good to remember that our lives are fleeting; here today, and gone tomorrow.

Saying that we are nothing without God doesn’t make us humble. I’m tempted to say that most that say this often are only displaying false humility, or they’ve found this statement as a cliché without really understanding what it means.

Yes, I believe that I am nothing without God. It’s not a cliché to me; it’s the truth. And this truth sets me free from the illusion of the ego. It’s humbling when we realize that the egos we so much value are all anchored to something, and without the anchor, life as we know it will cease to exist. Hence, we are nothing without God.

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Samuel Ajibade
I took on the name Beacon of Hope because, at one point in my life, I had the privilege to be comforted by God, and subsequently revealed the truth to others in similar situations. I was a carrier of hope unto others. My understanding is much bigger than just hope, but I chose to stick to the foundation. We all are Beacon of “hope” in one area or the other. If we choose to keep our hearts open to learning, we are a source of inspiration unto others.